Hollywood Modern Yoyos (HMY) is a premium yoyo brand. We design and distribute yoyos and yoyo hardware in Hollywood CA.

HMY was founded by Ross Levine, a Magic Castle Magician Member with a Bachelors Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and a Masters Degree in Engineering Management who has worked as a Quality Engineer in Satellite Hardware and Themed Entertainment. By applying his background knowledge to the yoyo community, Ross hopes to create innovative solutions to the common problems that all yoyoers face.

HMY is best known for our yoyo response pads, Hollywood Yoyo Pads. These yoyo pads are extremely cheap and extremely high quality. We sell them in 30 packs that cost $10.99.

We are also known for our bearings which cost $5.00 per bearing and are guaranteed to be perfect. When we say perfect, we mean if you find a bad bearing you can return it for a refund.

We also have many solutions to common maintenance problems. The Stätion is like a home for all your maintenance tools. The Maintenance Pod is a little metal tin to hold only the essentials and it fits perfectly in any yoyo bag with round foam cutouts. Stasis Cases are the perfect little case for taking three or four throws at a time. 

We hope you love the products we offer and we highly encourage reviews.

  • Ross Levine

    Ross is the founder and director of Modern Yoyos. His unique yoyoing style is inspired by his background in magic, the flow arts, engineering, and improv comedy.

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  • Theodore Munoz

    Theodore Munoz is the 5a king. He makes lenses for glasses by day and brings his vision to the yoyo scene by night.

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  • Stephen Caplanis

    Stephen is a team member of Modern yoyos. He loves creative and stylish yoyo tricks as well as his two cats Smokey and Star.

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  • Alex Aguilar - Graphic Design

    Alex makes animation, sound, and music for video games! His thirst for games / learning expands across all styles of yo-yo to become a Yo-Yo Master.

    He just kept on yo-ing.

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  • Nicholas Zupancich - Photographer

    Nick is a famous nature photographer who takes photos of our yoyos, we still aren't sure why. He's the founder of Gummyweights.com and you should go buy the finest bouncy counterweights there.

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