Collection: Yoyo Pads

Customize Your Response System With Our Yoyo Pad Collection

Every yoyo enthusiast knows that the secret to a flawless performance lies in the details - and the choice of yoyo pads is one of the most crucial. That's why our Yoyo Pad Collection is designed to give you ultimate control and customization for your throws. The color scheme for our pad system includes translucent, white, and grey tones to guarantee that they look good in any yoyo in your collection. The general rule is that the darker the pad, the softer it is.

Measuring Pad Hardness, the Shore A scale

In industry, the Shore Durometer scales are used to standardize exactly how hard a particular material is. The Shore A scale specifically defines the hardness of materials that are generally thought of as "soft", like foams and rubbers. This scale is used to define the hardness of yoyo pads with softer pads measuring about shore 40 (similar to a pencil eraser) and hard pads measuring about shore 60 (a little softer than a car tire).

Which pads are best for me?

Like anything in yoyoing, pad hardness is a personal choice. Yoyo response systems are impacted by many factors, like string thickness, gap width, bearing lubrication, pad thickness, and, indeed pad hardness.

Many yoyos sold today are equipped with pads measuring Shore A 60 hardness, which has become somewhat of an industry standard. This level of hardness is at the higher end of the scale and provides a long pad life without being so hard that the pad feels "slippy". This is an excellent choice for styles requiring multiple string wraps including the most popular yoyo style, 1A! 

For those who venture into styles demanding higher responsiveness, such as 3A and 4A, where shorter strings and fewer wraps in binds are common, more responsive softer pads become highly desirable. These pads ensure a more active response system, crucial for maintaining consistent performance.

Whether you're fine-tuning your yoyo for competition or personal satisfaction, our Yoyo Pad Collection offers the customization needed to match your style and enhance your performance!