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Pads and Bearings Super Pack! 🤩🤩🤩

Pads and Bearings Super Pack! 🤩🤩🤩

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Don't Buy Another Yoyo. Breathe New Life Into The Yoyos You Already Own!

  • 100% tested 10-ball Koncave Bearings: Only the best bearings for your favorite throws.
  • 100% tested Center Trac Bearings: Guaranteed to be the smoothest Center Tracs you've every tried
  • 19mm Clear Hollywood Pads Yoyo Response: The same premium yet affordable pads I've sold for years to rave reviews (previously branded as mouse pads) 
  • FREE Bearing Storage and Cleaning Tubes: The perfect tool for storing your bearing cleaning solvent of choice!
  • ​FREE Copy of my eBook on yoyo creativity (with newsletter subscription)
  • ​FREE access to my course on yoyo flow theory (with newsletter subscription)
  • ​Peace of Mind: All Center Trac and Concave bearings are used with permission from YoyoFactory and Dif-E-Yo. I had to pay them (a lot) to include this bullet point.

After a few minutes of breaking in, Hollywood Pads ensure a snappy bind for a satisfying end to your favorite routines. Hollywood Pads last several months with casual use and are crafted to the same exacting standards as any other premium yoyo pad. In fact, the only difference between Hollywood pads and other premium yoyo pads is the price.

These pads are standard 19mm slim pads, so they'll fit most of the yoyos in your collection. To truly ensure that our pads look great in whatever yoyo you put them in, we chose to make them a neutral clear.

Our bearings are exactly what they say on the box. You deserve the best, and you also deserve to have some money left over. That's why I scoured the globe to secure the best price on the same quality bearings you already love. The bearings are all 100% hand-tested for quality which costs extra and is often skipped by other brands...I have no idea why. Every time you reach for a bearing you buy from Hollywood, you can be sure that bearing is going to be smooth and dependable.

I don't believe in milking customers for their money. While other brands price gouge their customers and charge obscene prices for replaceable hardware, I decided to offer bulk buying options. 
I am proud to offer you the most affordable premium yoyo pads and bearings on the market.
(Most retailers sell Center Trac Bearings for around $10, and yoyo pads for around $1.50/pad. Even my base level, $50 super pack would cost at least $100 anywhere else and likely much more. -Ross)
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