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'Radiance' Nam Dong Hun's Signature Model

'Radiance' Nam Dong Hun's Signature Model

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Introducing the Signature Yo-Yo Model of 
World Finalist Nam Dong Hun: Radiance

Have you ever been anxious about 
breaking your yo-yo combo sequence?
Do you believe it is possible to completely 
free yourself from such concerns?

Allow us to introduce Radiance, the ultimate weapon meticulously 
crafted for the world-class yo-yo player, Nam Dong Hun.

Resolving the Problem of Response Misses

The abrupt "snap!" sound during a yo-yo combo signifies 
an unintended collision between 
the yo-yo and the player’s finger bone.
We fully understand this inconvenience.

Over the past decade, although the yo-yo’s gap shape 
has remained unchanged, 
the complexity of tricks has significantly increased. 

Additionally, thicker yo-yo strings, better suited for 
slack tricks, have been introduced. 

Clearly, it’s time for innovation.

Dong Hun's "God-Speed Style"

Occasionally, on stage, we’ve witnessed 
Nam Dong Hun’s rapid combos come to 
an abrupt stop due to a strike on his finger, 
leaving a sense of disappointment. 

It always seemed like we were witnessing 
a wild beast trapped inside a cage.

With our newly unveiled system, 
Nam Dong Hun has broken free,
gracing the world stage three times, 
flawlessly executing the smoothest and fastest 
"God-Speed" combos imaginable. 

His beaming smile as he stepped off the stage was 
proof enough that our final 
experiment was a triumphant success.

We vividly recall cheering in those 
exhilarating moments alongside all of you.
Introducing the Game-Changing -  Tilt Pad System

We proudly present the Tilt Pad System, 
the pinnacle of our extensive research 
on optimizing the yo-yo’s gap shape. 

The silicone pads are strategically angled, 
with a narrower interior and a wider exterior.

This innovative design physically resolves 
the issue of response misses. 
Now, even when executing rapid tricks, 
the yo-yo will not unexpectedly 
snap up and strike your finger.

The yo-yo magically performs like two different yo-yos, 
seamlessly transitioning between combo tricks and returns. 

Nam Dong Hun exclusively uses 
OT STRING FAT size string, with no need for special parts.

Discover more details on our Instagram.
No More Slipping Rims! Introducing 
the Revolutionary Double Rim Design

In response to Nam Dong Hun’s request 
for enhanced spin power and stability, 

we have developed an innovative double rim design. 
Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that 
the stainless rims are designed to stay securely in place.

Now, you can compete with the same focus and confidence 
as Nam Dong Hun, free from the worry of slipping rims.
Experience Unrivaled Control

This small invention, resulting from the synergistic 
combination of rim stability, powerful spin, 
and the Tilt Pad System, 

offers a level of freedom and control like never before.

If you are excited about Nam Dong Hun’s future performances 
and want to experience this freedom of control for yourself, 
make sure to get your hands on this model.

(A portion of the proceeds from this model will be used to support 
Nam Dong Hun's upcoming challenges in world yoyo contest 2024.)
product specification

BEARING Neo bearing
SHAPE H Profile
AXLE M4*12mm
MATERIAL 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Ring

Products for adults 15 years of age and older. not for children

Yo-yo that doesn't come up with a wrist snap
This is a product that requires forced return technology.
Noisy when rotating Steady
Bearings need cleaning and maintenance
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