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Hollywood Yoyo Pads 19mm Slim Pads, Hard or Soft 30 Pack

Hollywood Yoyo Pads 19mm Slim Pads, Hard or Soft 30 Pack

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Hollywood Pads 19mm Yoyo Pads 30 pack. After a surprisingly brief break-in period, Hollywood Pads (previously branded as mouse pads) ensure a snappy bind for a satisfying end to your favorite routines. Hollywood Pads last several months with casual use and are crafted to the same exacting standards as any other premium yoyo pad. In fact, the only difference between Hollywood pads and other premium yoyo pads is the price. These pads are standard 19mm slim pads, so they'll fit all the yoyos we make as well as most of the yoyos in your collection.

To truly ensure that our pads look great in whatever yoyo you put them in, we chose to make them in neutral colors.

Available now in classic Clear Shore 60 (Hard), and Gray Shore 40 (Soft).

Gray Shore 40 (Soft) Yoyo Pads are noticeably softer than the clear Shore 60 (Hard) Yoyo Pads we’re well known for. These softer pads are fantastic for 3a, 4a, yoyos with wider gaps, players who prefer thinner string, and any time that you want extra tight and reliable binds.

Photos of Shore 40 Gray pads by Hannah J @planet.hann 

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