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Dopamine - 7075 Aluminum Unresponsive Yoyo

Dopamine - 7075 Aluminum Unresponsive Yoyo

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Dopamine is the signature yoyo of Ross Levine. He's been posting to Instagram under the usernames ilinx_toys and modern_yoyos for over a decade and in that time has received praise from some of the top names in yoyoing and flow arts. Ross' style aims to epitomize flow, often forgoing string hits entirely and using slack almost like a second prop, independent from the yoyo. 

Early in the development of his style, Ross learned of a yoyo called Freq. Wav by the now defunct (but always legendary) brand Recreational Revolution. Freq. Wav was powerful, stable, and nimble in all the right ways. That original Freq. Wav was so deeply loved by so many that when Recreational Revolution went under, Ross knew he had to do something to keep the design alive. Around 2019 Ross collaborated with OhYesYo founder Coffin Nachtmahr to bring the Freq. Wav back from the dead with a modernized 19mm slim pad response groove, a more durable 7075 Aluminum body, and a few minor changes to the shape. This new model was called Freq. Mod, a nod to the model it was based on.

Dopamine is a further upgrade to the original Freq. Wav shape, with a smoother, swooping profile which also shaves off a little weight from the original design while maintaining spin times in order to appeal to more modern yoyo tastes.

Dopamine is a beautiful mid-full size monometal yoyo that just feels good. The design focuses the yoyo's mass in a large feature a little inward from the rim. This feature gives the yoyo power and stability that comes with rim weight, with the added ability to go off-axis and then remain off-axis for excellent horizontal play. The hub of Dopamine features a flat surface surrounded by a "valley" that locks your finger in place for dynamic finger spins and DNAs as well as a central dimple which makes for great fingernail pull-starts.

This is the first design I feel confident putting my signature on. I wholeheartedly believe this is a yoyo that everyone needs in their collection and I offer it at a price that hopefully makes purchasing one, or even a 3A pair of two, an easy choice.


Weight (g) 65.8
Dia (mm) 55.7
Gap Width (mm) 4.2
Width 42.7
Bearing CenterTrak size c
Pads Clear 19mm Hollywood Pads
Materials Body: 7075 AL


Box art credit to Mason Young, whose work can be found at

Photography credit to Nicholas Zupancinch @thenickof_time

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