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Free eBook - 33 Yoyo Creativity Exercises

Free eBook - 33 Yoyo Creativity Exercises

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Hi! I’m Ross, and I like to yoyo. If you’re reading this guide, we probably have that fact in common, don’t we? I used to run into this issue all the time where I would have a yoyo in my hand and I’d have some free time to play but I couldn’t find the inspiration to do anything. Does that sound familiar? As creatives, we often find ourselves “stuck in a rut” and it’s a terrible feeling.

I developed this guide to compile the most effective strategies I’ve used in the past to overcome these feelings and find my flow. Imagine if you could flip a switch and turn your creativity back on, wouldn’t that be awesome? Well, that’s exactly what this guide will help you to do.

This isn’t some magic formula though, the strategies listed here only work as well as you allow them to. Half-hearted efforts will only yield half-hearted results. These are all methods that have helped me, so don’t be afraid to pick one and give it some real, genuine effort. Can you promise me now that you’ll really give these a go?

As I wrote this, I found that these strategies fall into two categories, The first category is changing things. There’s so much in yoyoing that can be changed: the yoyo you use, or the environment you’re in, or the music you throw to, or the way you think about yoyoing. The second category is strategies to improve your focus or get you in touch with your emotional and creative side. All these strategies are meant to shake you up and make you a little uncomfortable in a way that is productive, gets your creativity flowing and results in some amazing yoyoing.

If you’re feeling stuck right now, just remember that this is a passing feeling, and it will go away. If you want to speed up that process, there are ways to make that happen. Ready to learn how? Let’s begin.

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