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Hardware Pod

Hardware Pod

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Your Compact, Modular Yoyo Hardware Organizer

Maximize Your Maintenance

The Hardware Pod is a compact tin designed to keep your yoyo hardware organized and accessible. With the capacity to store 60 pads and 15 C size bearings, it’s the perfect accessory that fits perfectly into ANY yoyo case. If there’s a hole sized for a yoyo, the Hardware Pod fits – including the Stasis Case.

Affordable, Essential

Priced at just five dollars, the Hardware Pod is a steal for any yoyo enthusiast. For full efficiency, grab two; they stack neatly in a single yoyo slot (in many cases including those from Yoyoexpert and Freshly Dirty), doubling your storage in a discreet, space-saving way.

Crafted for Convenience

The Hardware Pod isn’t just about organization; it’s about keeping your yoyo essentials protected for the long term and within reach whenever you need them. Hardware Pod’s sturdy construction protects delicate parts like bearings and pads so you’re always ready to maintain your throws with pristine hardware.

A Must-Have for Every Yoyo Player

Whether you’re tuning up before taking the stage or performing regular maintenance, the Hardware Pod is an indispensable tool. It’s more than a container; it’s a companion to your craft, and for the cost of a fancy coffee you can have two. Why wait? Secure your yoyo hardware wherever you go with the Hardware Pod.


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