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Original Throw Fat String

Original Throw Fat String

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This string will give you super powers.

Step up your game with the Original Throw Fat yoyo string, the secret weapon that instantly elevates your abilities. Handpicked from hundreds, it’s the professional’s choice for achieving peak performance in 1a.

Achieve Unrivaled Control

After extensive research and refining based on feedback from over 100 players, Original Throw has created the ultimate yoyo string. Its superior thickness and weight mean control like never before, making even the most complex tricks effortless. With this string, you will shatter your limits.

Designed for Durability & Performance

Beyond its unmatched performance, this 100% polyester string is built to last, ensuring that your ascension to yoyo mastery goes as uninterrupted as possible.

Choose the Original Throw Fat yoyo string, not just for its performance but for its proven impact. It’s more than an upgrade—it’s a transformation of your skill and potential.

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