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Modern Yoyos

The Yoyo Matrix Display - Created by Teak Porter

The Yoyo Matrix Display - Created by Teak Porter

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Introducing the Yoyo Matrix by Teak Porter - Inspired by the 100 yoyo display featured in Angelo Aguirre's (Angel2up) popular videos, this compact version brings the same stylish design from the original creator Teak Porter into your home or studio. This 25 yoyo display case is designed to impress every visitor and showcase your passion for yoyoing.

Key Features:

Capacity: Holds 25 yoyos when placed on a shelf, perfect for displaying your collection.

Design: Modeled after the larger version seen in Angel2up's videos, shaped like an extended hashtag (#) for a modern and eye-catching look.

Dimensions: A 5x5 grid size with sophisticated cut-off ends that complement any decor style.

Material: Made from premium materials to ensure long-lasting durability and stability.

Exclusive: A unique piece crafted by Teak Porter, the creator of the display which appears in Angel2up's videos.


Join The Club

Own a piece of yoyo history with the Yoyo Matrix, a smaller version of the iconic backdrop used by Angelo Aguirre. Not only does it serve as an efficient storage solution, but it also doubles as an extraordinary piece of art that showcases your dedication to the craft.

Wall Mounting Hardware not included and wall mounting is not recommended. This product is not a toy. Adult supervision is required. Product is shipped unassembled. 2 minutes of simple assembly, no tools needed.


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