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Contact Poi - Things On Strings

Contact Poi - Things On Strings

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Chris Kelly (Founder of Things On Strings) is a legend in the world of flow arts as a creator, influencer, and innovator. He makes some of the finest poi available. When I heard he was selling wholesale I bought immediately because Chris puts out exceptional work in all that he does and it shows in his poi.

If you don’t know what poi is, it’s a kind of flow art that shares a lot of similarities with yoyo, but being a simpler toy it forces the performer to focus on a larger scale than is needed with a yoyo. While yoyo tricks generally concern the interaction of the yoyo and string, poi tricks are simply the manipulation of weight on a string. For this reason, poi tricks generally involve a focus on space, movement, timing, pattern and rhythm. This is important because it allows yoyoers to train on these patterns without thinking about keeping a yoyo spinning. This will train your muscles to learn to flow so that once you add the yoyo back into the equation you will know the movements intuitively!

I highly suggest learning poi, and these poi are guaranteed to be an exceptional first pair. This particular kind of poi is called "contact poi" which can do everything a normal pair of poi can do, plus a whole lot of tricks most other pairs don't allow for.

PLEASE NOTE: Colors are listed in the format "Head Color - Tether (Rope) Color - Handle Color". 

Length: 19" Tether

Pricing is:

2 Poi set - $60

3 Poi Set (for poi juggling) - $90

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